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We want to keep the Podcast free but at the same time keeping the show running is not cheap.

You cannot imagine how much it costs every time we have Alasdair Mackenzie on the podcast, we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo money....

On top of that you have to consider that Spreaker, that hosts our Podcast, is not free. Plus, you have to add the cost of the equipment (I broke my microphone after the 10th episode...) as well as time.

So if you like our Podcast, and we hope you do, and you want to help us keep improving, we have decided to open the first Lazio Lounge Shop . Here you are going to find exclusive merchandising. Buying this will help us pay for the cost of the Podcast.

We should be shipping worldwide, so you should be able to receive your order wherever you are.
Please note, the products are printed when ordered so it can take some time. If you have suggestions for new products please write to us.

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